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Wiselok TruSENDR offers WhatsApp Business API Solution

Wiselok Tech Solution offers WhatsApp Business API Solution seamlessly integrate messaging capabilities into your operations to enhance customer engagement and drive growth. From automated responses to personalized communication, our service puts you in control, allowing you to maximize your business potential like never before. Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of WhatsApp API – your ultimate tool for success.

WhatsApp Business API Solution
WhatsApp Business API Solution


WhatsApp Business API Solution

Shared Inbox

WhatsApp Business API Solution
WhatsApp Business API Solution
WhatsApp Business API Solution

Chatbot builder

WhatsApp Business API Solution

catalog manager

Vibrant Features of Wiselok TruSENDR

WhatsApp Business API Solution

Verified Business Profile

WhatsApp Business API enables enterprises to build a profile with a green badge that confirms brand authenticity.

Use Your Own Number

Use number of your choice for WhatsApp Business Solution– either mobile, landline, or toll-free.

Broadcast Messages

Send Bulk Messages to all your customers on WhatsApp with a single click

Secure Chat

WhatsApp ensures the end-to-end encryption of all messages, meaning that all communications with customers are entirely reliable and isolated.

Media Rich Messaging

Leverage WhatsApp's ability to send and receive rich media content such as pictures, videos, documents, locations, links, contact cards etc. to your users.

Easy API Integration

Integrate our REST API into your existing programs (CRM, ERP, Contact center, chatbots, Websites, Apps, etc.) or use our Chat Messaging Console.

Catalog Manager

Manage or sell your products and orders on WhatsApp Business API solution . Collect payments of your orders on WhatsApp with integrated payment gateway.

chatbot builder

Build customized chat automation using our ChatBot Builder and automate your business to enhance your customer experience.

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WhatsApp Marketing API Solution : Revolutionizing Industries Everywhere

Unlocking the potential of WhatsApp Business API across diverse sectors, businesses from various industries are experiencing unprecedented growth and efficiency. With its adaptable features and seamless integration capabilities, the API solution is reshaping communication and operations, leading to enhanced customer experiences and streamlined processes. From healthcare to education, retail to real estate, WhatsApp Business API is driving innovation and success across the board.


WhatsApp Marketing API Solution offers invaluable features to revolutionize healthcare businesses. Leveraging WhatsApp Broadcast, healthcare providers can efficiently communicate vital information such as appointment reminders, health tips, and vaccination updates to patients, ensuring improved adherence to treatment plans and preventive care measures.


WhatsApp Marketing API Solution offers a suite of features tailored to transform education institutions. Utilizing WhatsApp Broadcast, institutions can efficiently disseminate crucial information such as announcements, event updates, and deadline reminders to students and parents en masse, ensuring widespread dissemination of important information.

Real Estate

WhatsApp Marketing API Solution offers indispensable tools to elevate the real estate business. Utilizing WhatsApp Broadcast, real estate agents can instantly share property listings, updates on open houses, and exclusive deals with potential buyers, expanding reach and driving interest.


WhatsApp Marketing API Solution offers a comprehensive toolkit to elevate e-commerce businesses. With WhatsApp Broadcast, retailers can engage customers with personalized promotions, product updates, and order confirmations, fostering brand loyalty and driving sales.

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