Transform Your Retail Future:
Unlock Growth with TruSENDR Catalog Manager

Our cutting-edge WhatsApp Catalog Manager empowers your business to thrive in the dynamic retail landscape, leveraging innovative technologies to drive sales, enhance customer experiences, and optimize operations. 

With TruSENDR by your side, unlock the full potential of your retail enterprise and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving market. Join the revolution today and revolutionize your retail future with TruSENDR.

Sell More, Earn More

WhatsApp Store

Setup WhatsApp catalog and add up to 30 products to instantly share and take orders.

Get your Web Store

Setup your own web-store by adding inventory. Easily share products on WhatsApp and take orders.

Orders Management

Don’t just take orders, manage them with integrated TruSENDR Order Management Solution

Create & share products catalog on WhatsApp

Create your Brand’s catalog on WhatsApp. Let your customers explore the products right there in WhatsApp.

Share your inventory included in broadcasting templates. List down up to 30 products with images, descriptions, prices, and more in a single template.

Help customers find the right product

Broadcast templates to up to 1000 customers linking the catalog and products.

Checkout from WhatsApp

Let your customers explore products and checkout from WhatsApp to place orders.

Catalog Manager

Manage Orders On WhatsApp

Seamlessly sell your products directly through WhatsApp and effortlessly generate bills for your customers. With Order Manager, managing your sales transactions has never been easier. 

From browsing products to making purchases and receiving bills, everything can be done within the familiar interface of WhatsApp. Simplify your sales process, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost your business efficiency with Order Manager.

Add Products to WhatsApp Catalog or Woocommerce

You can effortlessly expand your product reach by seamlessly adding items to your WhatsApp catalog or Woocommerce store.

Whether you’re looking to tap into the vast audience of WhatsApp users or leverage the robust features of Woocommerce, our solution provides a simple and efficient way to showcase your products.

Set up chatbots instantly to share catalogs and more with ease

Delight your customers using automated Chatbots to share information instantly with incoming chats. Reducing your brand’s response time by 60%.